Swing Academy – Event Schedule (Previous Event)

Welcome to Swing Academy!
A super friendly event providing you with excellent Swing dancing opportunities in central Manchester.

Bic and Simone have a reputation for their focus on technique in their teaching. On the social dance floor they are known for their fluid dance style and commitment to both each other and the music. They will teach these techniques using relevant exercises, shapes and sequences of lindy hop moves.
Here’s the Schedule:

Friday night welcome party social dance/Freestyle, with superlative DJing from Bic. Doors 8pm, buffet @ 8.30, close midnight(ish).

(Venue: The Bridge Tavern, Address: 58 Bridge Street, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2RJ)

Saturday day workshops: Private lessons with Bic & Simone see booking form to express interest

(Venue: Chez Velody; address sent to attendees)

Saturday night: Liverpool Lindy Smackdown see Here for more details

Sunday workshops – 12pm. 1 Hour of advanced class and 1 hour of Intermediate class with 2 hours of mixed intermediate and advanced class in between, with Bic & Simone. Subjects covered will include; stretch and compression and its relevance to the frame, quality of footwork, pulse and flow, weight distribution and balance and the difference between rotational and linear movement.

(venue: KroBar, http://www.kro.co.uk/kro-bar)

Sunday social 5-8pm. Close out party with Bic & Velody on the decks, say goodbye to your Swing friends new and old, those that need to get home, we bid you adieu.

(venue: KroBar)